M2M, Wireless and IoT

Our M2M, Wireless and IoT communication product group supports a wide range of Wireless and Wired technologies for all kinds of applications and customers.

Motion Control

TOP's Motion Control group includes all products directly related to motor control and piezo control.

Power Conversion

We offer a very wide range of power conversion products, meeting all kinds of customer requirements.

Active Components

The active components group consists of various Analog and Digital products.

Passive components

Passive components are available in a wide range of products, like connectors, crystals, speakers, microphones etc.



PA164 - 4A, 200V Multi-Purpose Power Amplifier IC in QFP style package

The PA164 is a high voltage operational amplifier housed in a QFP style package with a monolithic amplifier core designed for high density power… Read more


TMC2590 - High-Power Stepper Gate Driver IC in Small, Robust Package

The TMC2590A high-power stepper gate driver IC. Complete with protection and diagnostics, the EMI-optimized chip comes in a small, robust package. Low… Read more


Quectel - LTE BC68 high-performance NB-IoT module for multiple frequency bands

Quectels BC68 is a high-performance NB-IoT module which supports multiple frequency bands of B1/B3/B8/B5/B20/B28 with extremely low power… Read more


Quectel's LC79D - GNSS module for multi-constellation GNSS and dual GNSS bands

Quectel launched a compact dual-band GNSS module LC79D with support of L1 and L5 bands for satellites which will greatly improve positioning… Read more


Attend - MXM edge Card Connectors, small form factor Computer-on-Module

Attend - MXM edge Card Connectors, small form factor Computer-on-Module 125A-78C00 - MXM 230 pin for QSeven, 0.5 Pitch, 7.8H, Standard Type, Reel,… Read more


LM Technologies - LM074 Bluetooth® 5.0 Dual Mode Module Standalone

Bluetooth® 5.0 Dual Mode Module – LM074. It’s RF antenna interface provides the option to add an antenna that suits your requirements e.g. a… Read more


ProAnt - 7 PCB integrated Niche antennas, all highly efficient, space saving antennas

ProAnt proudly present a family of seven PCB integrated antennas using the Niche concept (a ProAnt patented technology). They are miniature PCB… Read more


TOP-electronics is ...

  • • a technology-driven representative and distributor
  • • a flexible company with good logistic support
  • • focused on customer requirements
  • • in the market for over 10 years
  • • located in the Netherlands and in the USA


TOP-electronics is a technology-driven electronic components and modules distributor and representative, working with several high-tech manufacturers in each of our product groups, such as:

M2M, Wireless and IoT, Test and Measurement, Precision Analog, Motion Control, Power Conversion, Active Components and Passive Components.

From these product groups we are able to provide our customers with the right solution for their application.

TOP-electronic represents for example: Quectel Wireless Solutions, Apex Microtechnology, LM Technologies, Sanyo Denki, Trinamic Motion Control, nanotron Technologies, W&T, Embit, FSP Group, MegiQ, EuroQuartz, PacTec Enclosures and Attend.

These are a few of the world leading-manufacturers from our line card, they offer industry-leading innovations in design and development.

For customers across Europe, TOP-electronics is located in Krimpen aan den IJssel near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with the primary focus on the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. For our customers in the Americas, we provide local support from TOP-electronics USA in Tucson, Arizona.

TOP-electronics has a motivated, experienced team which works directly with our customer's engineers to provide a high level of local assistance, supporting our customers all the way from pre-development, through the design phase to production and after-sales. If you would like to have more information about TOP-electronics and our manufacturers, the TOP team is available to give you the best support possible.

The Managing Director and Founder of TOP-electronics is Arco Snoey.     

Our line card can be found here.


TOP-electronics is member of FHI Industriële Elektronica.












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