M2M, Wireless and IoT

Our M2M, Wireless and IoT communication product group supports a wide range of Wireless and Wired technologies for all kinds of applications and customers.

Motion Control

TOP's Motion Control group includes all products directly related to motor control and piezo control.

Power Conversion

We offer a very wide range of power conversion products, meeting all kinds of customer requirements.

Active Components

The active components group consists of various Analog and Digital products.

Passive components

Passive components are available in a wide range of products, like connectors, crystals, speakers, microphones etc.



Apex Microtechnology - PA164 and PA165 - 4A/10A PEAK, 220V Multi-Purpose Power Amplifier ICs

October 2016 ~ The PA164, PA165 are high density, multi-purpose power amplifier ICs that utilize a proprietary monolithic MOSFET technology and… Read more


Sanyo Denki - DC G Proof Fans - San Ace 120GP and 172GP 9GP type G Proof Fans

October 2017 - Let us introduce you the new models of G proof fans: 120x38 and 172x51 9GP. These G- Proof fans have been designed to withstand high… Read more


MegiQ, RMS-0760 - Radiation Measurement System - 600MHz - 6GHz

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Free registration for the D&E Event in Belgium and the Netherlands

October 2017 ~ During this annual event, developers get acquainted with the latest technologies.TOP-electronics and Quectel presentation is about how… Read more


Dutch article in E-totaal magazine about Quectels BG96 LTE Cat-M1 module and Cat NB-IoT

Quectel heeft in de BG96 als eerste de nieuwste technologie├źn samengevoegd waardoor de gebruiker veel flexibiliteit krijgt. Het gaat hier om LTE Cat… Read more


easyRF and the ERF3000: IoT Development Platform

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BC68 - Quectel Unveils Industry's Smallest NB-IoT Module

October 2017 - industry's smallest NB-IoT module BC68 (17.7mm x 15.8mm x 2.3mm) can support 3GPP Rel.14 NB-IoT air interfaces and… Read more



TOP-electronics has a wide variety of articles that can be used for various kinds of applications, like:

HI-REL industrial Medical
Aerospace Industrial
Telemetry Machinery
Semi-Cap Consumer
Defense Security
Agriculture Printing

Technology has spread rapidly throughout a broad range of application areas in the recent years. More reliable data can be generated and transmitted faster, energy consumption can be reduced, logistics process can be managed more efficiently and the safety of people and property is better ensured.

Hereby you can think about: automated metering reading, security, remote payment system, fleet management, telemedicine and the consumer market. Especialy the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing rapidly.

IoT articles are used in for example in smart homes, wearables, smart city, smart grid, industrial internet, connected cars, connected health, smart retail, smart supply chains, smart farming etc.


HI-REL Industrial

High-current operational amplifiers, high-voltage operational amplifiers and pwm amplifiers are a leading choice for motor control, piezo drive and current control applications across the industrial OEM when high reliability is paramount. Like for instance in the applications for:

  • Ink Jet Printers
  • Valve Controls
  • Robotics



Products in medical applications, like high-voltage operational amplifiers are a leading choice across the medical OEM for driving the high voltage circuits typically found in analysis, surgical, imaging and cleaning equipment. These products are for exemple used in;

  • Analysis Equipment
  • Microscope
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Therapy & Surgical Tools


Defense and Aerospace

Power operational amplifiers, pwm amplifiers and precision voltage references are available in commercial, industrial and a non-compliant “M” high reliability grade suited to COTS level circuits. Select models are offered with additional levels of screening to meet the rigorous demands of defense and aerospace operating environments, including fully certified M/883 compliant.

  • Flight Control Actuator
  • Heads-Up Display
  • Sonar
  • Gimbal Positioning
  • Imaging and Camera Control
  • Vibration Cancellation



In the Semi-Cap industry our products can be used in a wide variety of automated manufacturing and test equipment, such as:

  • Focused Ion Beam Equipment
  • Inspection System
  • Lithography System
  • Test Instrument
  • Wire Bonder




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