Calex - Ultra-Wide Input Range 1000W DC/DC Converter With 12 Volt Output

Ultra-Wide Input Range 1000W DC/DC Converter  With 12 Volt Output

Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. announces the introduction of the 1000W full brick FXM 12Vout DC/DC converter.  The 24S12.84FXM has an ultra-wide 9 to 36VDC input range and provides a regulated, isolated 12Voutput rated up to 84 Amps DC. 


The FXM also provides an output for current monitoring and an additional output for monitoring the temperature of the DC/DC converter.  Thermal management of the FXM is made easier by the converter’s best in class efficiency of 95%. 


The FXM, measuring 4.7” x 2.5” x 0.52”, comes with threaded inserts for baseplate or heatsink mounting for extended temperature operation.  The operating baseplate temperature range of the FXM is -40 to +105C.


The FXM’s high efficiency and high power density are accomplished through the use of high efficiency synchronous rectification technology, advanced electronic circuitry, packaging and thermal design.  The Input to Output isolation voltage of the FXM is 1500VDC.  The Input to Baseplate and Output to Baseplate isolation is also 1500VDC.  The switching frequency is fixed at 200kHz.  The FXM features ON/OFF control.  With 12 and 24V battery applications in mind, the Off state current draw is typically 2mA.  Output ripple and noise is 120mV peak to peak.


The FXM is protected by over current and short circuit protection, over temperature protection, output overvoltage protection and input under voltage lockout.  The converter is backed by Calex’s Five Year Warranty.  The MTBF of the FXM is 5.4 MHrs. Product is designed and manufactured in the USA.

4:1 Input voltage range
High power density
Small size 2.5” x4.7” x0.52”
Efficiency up to 95.4%
Excellent thermal performance with metal case
Over-Current and Short Circuit Protection
Over-Temperature protection
Monotonic startup into pre bias
Constant frequency
Remote ON/OFF
Good shock and vibration damping
RoHS Compliant


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