MegiQ, RMS-0760 - Radiation Measurement System - 600MHz - 6GHz


Radiation Measurement System

600MHz - 6GHz


Measurement Antenna

Measurement Receiver

Antenna Base

Turntable Platform

Turntable Base

Cables and Tools


The Radiation Measurement System (RMS) is a unique turnkey system that measures Radiation Patterns and Total Radiated Power (TRP) through a 3-axis rotation.

The RMS is used for these measurements:

  • Radiated output power patterns of a wireless device
  • Harmonic radiation patterns (up to 6GHz) of wireless devices
  • Gain and radiation patterns of standalone antennas, using the generator option
  • Gain over frequency of antennas
  • Radiation patterns over frequency of antennas
  • Beamwidth and max gain of directional antennas, over frequency

While this is usually measured in an anechoic chamber to avoid reflections to affect the measurement, the RMS has a smart antenna design to reduce the sensitivity for reflections. This allows radiation measurements to be made in relatively small lab or office spaces.


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RMS Generator Output

Generator output 600MHz-4GHz



Heavy Duty Turntable

Turntable 50x100cm 30kg



Measurement coax

5 meter SMA-M to SMA-F coax
With measured S-parameters


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