NEW SUPPLIER - Innophase

TOP electronics expands her portfolio with Innophase. Innophase are making industry leading advances in semiconductor RF technology.

Innophase innovate a total ultralow power RF system solution using a combination of non-linear RF signal processing and software defined protocols.


The Breakthrough: A Highly Efficient Polar Radio

Based on primary research developed over the last decade in both academic and industry, the team at InnoPhase has developed and produced an entirely new approach to RF signal processing. InnoPhase has moved the signal processing from the traditional approach – the linear domain into the nonlinear domain. This advanced signal processing technology has fundamentally changed the RF power and energy equation. This InnoPhase ultra low power technology breakthrough will provide perhaps the largest advance in RF technology in the last 25 years.


Changing the Way that RF Signals Are Processed

One of the primary goals in forming InnoPhase was to develop a highly disruptive RF architecture to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of radios used in battery based devices. Our technical and market research indicates that an RF power consumption improvement of at least an order of magnitude is required to make the IoT dream a reality.


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