InnoPhase - ULP Talaria ONE Wi-Fi Radio

The Talaria ONE, is a highly advanced 802.11b radio that has been designed to operate using the absolute lowest amount of power. 

Highly constrained power budgets have forced designers of first generation IoT products to use low performance, single connection Bluetooth® radios as their RF connection strategy.

With the announcement of the Talaria ONE, product designers are now able to dramatically improve product RF capabilities by adding high performance Wi-Fi communications capabilities to a wide range of next generation battery operated IoT products — at Bluetooth power levels.

Expressly designed for emerging long-life battery based applications, the Talaria ONE slashes the power budget for implementing Wi-Fi solutions by a factor of 2X (or more) over today’s existing “low-power” Wi-Fi RF solutions.

Ultra-low active RF power coupled with multiple power management and deep sleep modes enable designers of batterybased IoT devices to implement the most power efficient Wi-Fi solutions available in the industry.

IEEE 802.11b is an excellent choice for connecting low-power IoT devices to the internet. Compared to other Wi-Fi standards, 802.11b gives power sensitive devices the longest range from the AP, the highest Tx power efficiency and a suitable connection rate (up to 11Mbs) for almost all IoT applications.

Talaria ONE designers have also “performance-optimized” the wireless chip architecture in order to coexist with high speed nodes present on the same network. Short Slot Time and the ability to rapidly reboot and re-associate to the AP means that there is minimal network performance impact that is prevalent in traditional 802.11b implementations.

Key Talaria ONE Features

  • Complete single-chip 2.4-GHz 802.11b radio
  • Ultra-low active power – less than 25mA for both Tx and Rx — sleep mode only 12uA
  • Optimized architecture eliminates traditional throughput impact of 802.11b devices
  • Support for typical low power IoT host processors
  • Bluetooth-like Tx/Rx distances without an optional PA amplifier
  • Supports full 802.11b distance specification when using an industry standard PA
  • Both WPA and WPA2 network security implemented in hardware
  • AES and TKIP in hardware for faster data encryption
  • Supports both soft ap mode and station mode
  • Integrated power regulators to supply needed voltages
  • Integrated crystal oscillator and PLL for on-chip clock
  • Self-maintained TSF (Timing Synchronization Function) eliminates host chip interaction at idle
  • High sensitivity (-96 dBm for 1Mbps CCK)
  • SPI host interface, up to 25MHz
  • Optional UART host interface
  • Small size (QFN 6×6 mm package, 48 pins)
  • Industrial temperature range — -20°C to 85°C

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