InnoPhase - ULP smart Wi-Fi module HW Reference Design

InnoPhase has taken the ULP Talaria ONE radio and has coupled it with the industry leading low power Ambiq Micro Apollo Cortex M4F MCU and a high efficiency Skyworks FEM to create the world’s lowest power Wi-Fi module reference design.  Not only does the module require very little power, it is also “extremely smart” with the ability to run complex user apps that take full advantage of the wide range of I/O capability brought out to an easy-to-use edge connector.

The innovative software stack is written to exploit the Talaria ONE 802.11b hardware performance enhancements that enables ultra-low power, full spec Tx/Rx distance and high throughput along with minimal impact to overall performance when connected very high speed networks.

Coupled with this innovative module hardware design is a power and memory footprint optimized software stack. The full featured driver and complete TCP/IP stack have been developed from the ground up to take full advantage of the ULP Talaria ONE and Ambiq Apollo MCU components for maximum battery life, high Wi-Fi throughput and minimal MCU memory requirements. Completely configurable for user application requirements, the system software enables the absolute lowest power intelligent node for demanding battery based IoT applications.

Key Features of the Talaria ONE Based Smart Wi-Fi Module HW Reference Design

  • Based on the advanced ULP Talaria ONE 802.11b Wi-Fi radio
  • Host is the lowest power ARM MCU in the industry – Ambiq Micro Apollo Cortex M4F@ 24MHz
  • 64KB SRAM, 512KB Flash
  • MCU Ultra-low active mode power consumption: 30µA/ MHz (executing from Flash)
  • MCU Ultra-low sleep mode power consumption: 100nA  (with RTC on)
  • Optional highly efficient Skyworks FEM
  • Tx average power = 25mA @ 0dBm, Rx average power = 25mA with Bluetooth-like distance distance operation
  • Tx average power = 227mA @ 21dBm, Rx average power = 38mA with optional PA for full specification distance operation
  • Excellent Rx sensitivity – (-96 dBm for 1Mbps CCK)
  • Energy efficient standby power — 19uA with multiple power save modes based on application requirements
  • Rapid network connection from deep sleep – under 2ms
  • Advanced 802.11b hardware performance enhancements for high speed network interaction
  • Up to 20KB memory available for user applications
  • Full complement of powerful I/O – I2C/SPI Master, I2C/SPI Slave, UART, 10-bit 13 channel ADC, Counter/Timer, and 32 GPIO with interrupts
  • Small size 4.95mm x 4.1mm
  • Designed to pass agency certification – CE, FCC, IC, Japan, South Korea

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