Sanyo Denki 2-phase Stepping Motor, SANMOTION F2 42mm sq.

Sanyo Denki  is pleased to introduce their new "SANMOTION F2 42mm sq. " stepping motors. With improved holding torque and reduced noise and vibration, these motors demonstrate industry-leading performance among stepping motors used in devices such as ATM and medical inspection equipment.


Shortens positioning time

Holding torque has been increased by 10% compared with our current model*. This enables precise positioning and thereby shortens positioning time as well.

Reduced noise

These motors have noise levels approximately 3dB(A) lower than our current model*. * A comparison between model 103H5208-0440 and new model SF2422-12U41.



Motor efficiency has been improved by 2.4% compared with our current model*. This contributes to reduce power consumption of devices and the motors' heat dissipation.



ATM, medical devices, semiconductor equipment, conveying machines, index table driving...



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