FSP releases a powerful 2000 watt dedicated mining power supply

FSP Group has released the new PS2 2000W IPC Power Supply FSP2000-A0AGPBI:

  • 2000W IPC Switch Power Supply
  • 80 Plus Platinum (Efficiency 94% at 50% Loading,  230VAC), high efficiency industrial power  supply, designed for maintenance-free, 24-hour continuous operation
  • PS2 Form factor, fit Advanced Tower Workstation, 3U/4U Rackmount Server
  • Built-in Active PFC function (90-264VAC)
  • Resettable Power Shut Down
  • Modular design with detachable cables for easy cable installation & lower temperature
  • IEC60320 C20 Inlet 16A, fulfilled the requirement of high currents
  • Operation up to 5000 meters Altitude
  • Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage protection (OVP)
  • Temperature: Operating 0~500C (24 hours running); Storage -20~800C
  • MTBF > 100K hours at 25oC (Bellcore TR-332)


The topic of Bitcoin mining continues trending. Some countries even
acknowledge payment with digital currency such as Bitcoin as legal payment methods. In order to keep up with this trend, high specification dedicated mining equipment is continually released by the industry. ASUS and ASRock have released mining dedicated motherboards, and high-end graphics cards from major manufacturers such as nVIDIA and AMD, etc. have all been sold out.

With the upgrading of this equipment, the power needed for overall operation of computers also needs to be increased in response to the power needed for the heavy operation during the mining process.
However, currently there are very few power supplies on the market dedicated for mining.

FSP power fully understands the needs of miners, and became the first to release the FSP2000-A0AGPBI 2000watt super high powered power supply to prevent power malfunctions during the mining process when the processor/graphics card is operating at full speed and the power is at full-load 24 hours a day.

The features of a professional power supply dedicated for mining systems include high wattage, support for multiple sets of slots, all module connectors, high stability and high efficiency, etc. Under
230 volt input voltage, FSP2000-A0AGPBI is able to provide full 2000 watt power to ensure there is sufficient power provided for the computer equipment, maintain smooth operation, and prevent rebooting or power interruptions. In addition, FSP2000-A0AGPBI is equipped with 16 sets of PCI-E 6+2 PIN slots and is able to support operation for a maximum of 16 graphics cards simultaneously, allowing miners to run their mining equipment under full-load. It’s full module connector design makes it easier for users to connect and disconnect cables, find the problem and save troubleshooting time when something goes wrong with the system. FSP2000-A0AGPBI is an industrial grade power supply, able to accept a 90-264 volt full-range voltage input. It has also passed high temperature and humidity tolerance, overvoltage, overcurrent and long-term operation tests to ensure that it can still provide power stably under rigorous mining environments. Also, since mining equipment needs to operate 24 hours a day without interruptions, FSP2000-A0AGPBI has 80PLUS platinum certified excellent power efficiency that can allow users to save on power bills and relatively increase the mining profit significantly.

Due to the fact that large wattage power supplies are difficult to acquire from current markets, most miners can only adapt and buy small wattage power supplies or use two power supply units to supply power for a single host. However, since the power supplies are under heavy or partial loads for extended periods of times, not only do they have to bear the malfunction problems that may be caused due to parallel connections of the power supplies, the frequent RMA also becomes an additional cost burden. Not only that, there are frequent foreign and domestic reports of fire incidents at mining locations or burnt mining equipment due to poor power quality.

Therefore as a long-term investment miner, the importance of a power supply must be considered carefully.

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