Trinamic's PANdrive PD42-x-1370 - new closed-loop, complete mechatronic solution

The PANdrive PD42-x-1370 is a new family of compact, full mechatronic solutions including NEMA17 / 42mm flange size stepper motors as well as magnetic encoders for position feedback and closed-loop operation.

It is Trinamics first closed-loop PANdrive. Suited for laboratory automation, manufacturing, robotics, and many more markets, the stepper motor and driver combined form a reliable, easy to use building block for reliable motor and motion control with S-shaped ramping.

With a supply voltage of 9 … 28V DC, the PD42-x-1370 product family uses NEMA17 stepper motors with 0.22 – 0.7Nm holding torque. Integrated in the hardware of the PANdrive is also Trinamic’s S-shaped ramp motion controller, ensuring a continuous acceleration resulting in a fluent motion with limited jerk. By calibrating the ramp via the RS485 bus interface, high torque with high velocities can be easily reached. This makes the solution perfect for liquid handling, life sciences, biotechnological applications, and test and measurement equipment.


Besides the S-shaped ramping profile and real-time motion profile calculation, the product supports Trinamic’s SpreadCycle for smart mixed decay, StallGuard2, and CoolStep for automatic current scaling. This, together with on the fly alteration of motor parameters and the optional automated position regulation in hardware, make the PD42-x-1370 a highly versatile, compact solution pushing technology even further.

Features and benefits:

  • Stepper Motor NEMA17 with controller / driver
  • 0.22 - 0.7Nm holding torque
  • +9…28V DC supply voltage
  • Up to 2A RMS motor current
  • RS485 bus interface
  • Integrated S-shaped ramp motion controller in hardware
  • Magnetic encoder IC
  • SpreadCycle, StallGuard2, and CoolStep



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