swarm bee LE Module V2

swarmbee LE is nanotron’s first generation swarm product family combining flexibility and integration with enhanced power management housed in a rug-ged module suitable for embedded industrial environments. The swarm bee module provides continuous autonomous distance calculation, real-time location monitoring and concurrent wireless data communication using the same short RF signal.

Integrated API

The integrated firmware swarm API enables customers to speed up development and get the products to market quickly.

Ranging & Communication
With nanoLOC swarmbee LE radios can measure distance to each other using Time of Flight (TOF). At the same time, data can be exchanged between them.

Movement & Temperature
Detection. The on-board MEMS sensor detects 3D acceleration
and temperature changes. The sensor is controlled by swarm API.

RSSI Detection
RSSI values of signals from remote nodes are readable through swarm API.

Low Energy (LE). With a new power saving concept, the radios can go to power-down mode to save energy consumption and thus ensure a longer battery lifetime.

The power-down period is configurable through swarm API.

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