CUI's Encoder revolution

AMT Modular Encoders

Utilizing capacitive sensing technology, CUI's incremental, absolute, and commutation AMT modular encoders offer a highly ruggedized solution without sacrificing accuracy.

With up to 22 programmable resolutions and 9 different shaft sizes, the AMT series gives engineers increased flexibility during prototyping without procuring additional units and purchasing managers the ability to greatly reduce SKU count in production.



  • 22 programmable resolutions from 48 ~ 4096 PPR
  • Operating temp range up to -40°C ~ +125°C
  • 9 different shaft sizes from 2 ~ 8 mm
  • Resilient to dust, dirt and oil
  • Low current draw
  • Simple assembly
  • Compact Design



Operating temp range from -40°C up to 125°C
Resilient to dust, dirt and oil
No need for additional covers, lids or seals to prevent exposure
Suited for vacuum and high pressure conditions



Wide range of programmable resolutions
9 different shaft sizes from 2 ~ 8 mm
Simple assembly
Variety of line driver and connector options



Low current draw
Low power required for rotation thanks to low mass internal rotor
Compact package reduces overall design size
Alignment via One Touch Zero™ ensures precise alignment with motor for optimum performance.


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