W&T - Web-IO® Analog

Web-IO® Analog - 57761 - Analog in- and outputs in the network

The Web-IO Analog lets you access analog current and voltage signals over Ethernet. Depending on the model the devices monitor and set 0/4-20mA or 0-10V signals per DIN IEC 60381-1 And -2.

Detect and monitor
The Web-IO Analog measures, stores and monitors the signal levels present on the inputs. Configurable actions monitor them and can for example trigger issuing of an e-mail notification.

Signal transmission between different locations
In Box-2-Box mode the in- and outputs on two devices are represented alternately.

Integration into process control systems, MES and Industry 4.0.
via MQTT, Modbus/TCP, OPC and SNMP, other network protocols and programming interfaces.



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