LM Technologies - LM074 Bluetooth® 5.0 Dual Mode Module Standalone

Bluetooth® 5.0 Dual Mode Module – LM074

It’s RF antenna interface provides the option to add an antenna that suits your requirements e.g. a dipole and PCB antenna. The selected antenna could provide a longer range, omnidirectional or unidirectional connection.

This single core standalone module combines a Bluetooth® low energy and v2.0, v2.1 radio using a dual mode Bluetooth® 5.0 stack, plus a microcontroller unit with an 8 Mbit flash memory for running the application.

It also incorporates 38 pin outs, including I2C, UART and USB for interfacing with peripheral devices. It’s SMT side and bottom pads allow for easy manufacture and placement within your product.

LM offer bespoke integration into your product by supporting your developer, including development of new applications for the module. We also offer Bluetooth® Dual Mode demo applications, which can be customised to your specification.

The AT Command set makes configuration of the firmware simple. The developed firmware and settings can be preloaded to the module, simplifying the manufacturing and testing process.


Class 1 Tx Out Power
Low Power Consumption
Application firmware support
Configurable with AT Command Set
Requires no external hardware
RTS/ CTS Flow control UART lines
11 digital and 3 analogue I/O
SMT Side and Bottom Pads for easy production

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