New series Nano SIM card solutions (dual, eject and hinge) - Attend

New series Nano SIM card solutions (dual, eject and hinge) - Attend

The Nano SIM (also known as the 4FF) card only measure 12.3 × 8.8 × 0.67 mm, the original design purpose was fit the mobile device. Even it reduces the area, it still maintaining the existing contact arrangements and provide all designer another solution to saving the cost in PCB layout design.

As the professional communication solution provider, ATTEND Tech offering the maximizing options to fit with any request, including the bar push eject type with multiple tray option, push-push type, and dual bar push eject type.

Eject Type Nano SIM Card Tray

115S-ACA2 (long tray)

115S-ACA3 (short tray)

These two trays are available for connector 115S-ACA0. The difference between the original tray (115S-ACA0) is that the new trays already designed with a door. If the socket is not place on the edge of PCB, 115S-ACA2 can be choosen for your application.


Hinge Type Nano SIM Card Tray

Nano SIM Card Socket, Hinge Type 115V-AD00

It’s suitable for Industrial IoT & M2M markets.

The characteristics are:

Suited for rigorous environment
Operating temperature is wilder than the average 25°C~85°C but -40°C~105°C
Survive extremes of vibration, temperature, and humidity environment
Occupy a small footprint


Dual Nano SIM card Socket

115S-BS00 (connector) and 115S-BT00 (tray)

The characteristics are:

Operating temperature is -40°C~105°C that apply for wide temperature embedded system
Design in horizontal symmetric that reduce the damage during the Nano-SIM card switch

Currently, the most common application is in vehicle tracking and some for industry monitoring.

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