Peltier cooling units when forced air cooling is not an option - CPM-2x - CUI Devices

Featuring better seal structure for water resistance, temperature control, and absorption of thermal stress, CUI Devices’ Peltier cooling units offer 6.0, 7.0, and 8.5 A current ratings and wide temperature deltas up to 85.9°C. The modules also integrate CUI Devices’ innovative arcTEC™ structure, further improving their performance and reliability under thermal cycling conditions.


Easy installation
arcTEC™ structure
Temperature deltas up to 85.9°C
Wide ΔTmax
Precise temperature control

Tight seal structure for water resistance & absorption of thermal stress.


What is the arcTEC Structure?

CUI’s innovative arcTEC™ structure combats the effects of thermal fatigue found in thermoelectric modules by incorporating a thermally conductive resin between the electrical interconnect and ceramic on the cold side of the module, high temperature solder, and larger P/N elements made from premium silicon ingot. The combination of these three enhancements greatly improves the reliability, performance, and cycle life of Peltier modules built with the arcTEC structure, allowing them to outperform conventional thermoelectric coolers in the most demanding applications.

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