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TRINAMIC provides integrated Circuits and Modules for Motor and Motion Control to customers all over the world, most of them leaders in their Industry.


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The TMC603 is a three phase BLDC motor driver IC for highly compact and energy efficient drive solutions. Control algorithms previously only found in much more complex servo drives can now be realized with a minimum of external components.


The TMC603 directly drives 6 external N-channel MOSFETs for motor currents up to 20A and up to 50V. It integrates current measurement without the need for high current sense resistors, and the sensorless commutation circuitry hallFX™. Its integrated support for sine commutation as well as for back EMF sensing and commutation saves cost and allows for maximum drive efficiency. Depending on the desired commutation scheme and the bus interface requirements, the TMC603 forms a complete motor driver system in combination with an external 8 bit processor or with a more powerful 32 bit processor. Protection and diagnostic features as well as a step down switching regulator further reduce system cost and increase reliability.


The TMC603 also supports control of three phase stepper motors as well as two phase stepper motors using two devices.


Main characteristics

* low power dissipation

* high precision two range current sense amplifiers integrated

* MOSFET current sensing: no shunt needed

* hallFX™ sensorless back EMF commutation

* break-before-make logic: No special µC PWM needed

* overcurrent, short-2-GND and undervoltage protection and diagnosis

* integrated step down switching regulator up to 500mA / 300kHz


Electrical data

* up to 30A motor current

* 9V to 50V supply voltage

* EMV optimized current controlled gate drivers up to 150mA

* QGD protection: supports recent power MOSFET generation

* 3.3V or 5V interface



* QFN52 8x8mm2

* RoHS compliant

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