CUI Inc: Power Conversion

CUI Inc has a broad line of power conversion products under de brand V-Infinity. Products like, Digital POL, AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters, Adapters, etc

Novum® Advanced Power

Engineered for next generation distributed architecture applications, Novum® Advanced Power products provide industry-leading power density and intelligent control for the most demanding applications.

Digital POL
Intermediate Bus


Ac-Dc Power Supplies

Encompassing board mount, chassis mount, DIN rail, and external power supplies ranging from 1 W to 800 W, our ac-dc product group has been designed to meet our customer's most stringent safety and energy efficiency demands across a number of industries.

LED Driver


Dc-Dc Converters

From high-power isolated converters to low power switching regulators, we have developed a diverse portfolio of onboard and chassis mount dc-dc converters intended to address design needs throughout the power system.

LED Driver
IGBT Driver

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