Quectel Wireless Solutions

Quectel Wireless Solutions is one of the leading global suppliers of industrial-grade cellular and GNSS modules, which can be widely applied in IoT markets, such as automobile, smart metering, remote control, asset tracking, wireless POS, security and healthcare.

Quectel’s products are market-driven and all designed with industrial application in mind, so they are very robust on both hardware and software. All Quectel modules are characteristics of high sensitivity, low power consumption, extended operating temperature and many others.

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Product families

GSM/GPRS Module Family

UMTS/HSPA (+) Family

LTE Module Family

LPWA Module Family

Smart Module Family

Automotive Module Family

WiFi Module Family

GNSS Module Family

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M2M Applications    

Telematics & Transport

Smart City





Life & Healthcare

Agriculture & Environment

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