W&T (Wiesemann & Theis)

Wiesemann & Theis (W&T) is manufacturer of connectivity solutions, like Web-I/O, Web-servers, Interface-products etc

Wiesemann & Theis GmbH (W&T) connects you thru serial, Ethernet, USB, PCI and IO. 
W&T develops and manufactures their own products with high quality-standards. With a broad range of products for connectivity and remote-services W&T is able to help you with the best solution for your system. 
W&T has a dedicated team for the best support during the design. 
With the production facilities in house, is W&T able to provide products with short lead-time, availability is no problem.
The products from W&T are produced with a high-quality standards. There for most of the products has a guarantee of 5 years.

Products overview:

  • Web IO - universal
  • Web IO - application ready
  • Data servers
  • TCP/IP - Ethernet servers (COM / USB Servers)
  • Serial interfaces - USB/RS232/RS485/RS422/4~20mA
  • Isolators - Serial cards for PCI-express, PCI and ISA



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