Elatec RFid: Wireless and IoT

Elatec develops RFID readers as modules, OEM boards, PC cards and as complete devices in housing.


OEM Reader / Writer

TWN3 Family – OEM Reader / Writer 

TWN4 Family – OEM Reader / Writer 

Mini Reader / Writer


Housed Reader / Writer                                                 

TWN3 Family – Housed Reader / Writer 

TWN4 Family – Housed Reader / Writer

Handheld Reader / Writer



Core Module

Nano Module


The family of TWN3 RFID transponder readers is designed for easy integration into various applications.

The TWN3 family is one of the most popular products, with integrated antenna. Every product is able to read/write a specific RF-id technology and all boards are mechanical the same. The products are available in OEM-module and in a housing with USB, or Serial inferface.

More information: TWN3-datasheet

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