TRINAMIC is a semiconductor company developing ASSPs for motion control of fractional horse power stepper motors and brushless DC motors.

Trinamic is leading in IC's and modules for driving motors, Stepper-motors, Brushless DC motors, Piezo motors.

TRINAMIC differentiates its expertise as a combination of understanding the specific requirements of motors and IC design know-how. For customers, Trinamic's application driven approach means that they do not need an in-depth knowledge about motors nor about DSPs or control circuitry in general. Consequently, the design phase is vastly minimized resulting in significant labor and cost savings.

Trinamic´s mechatronics approach – the integration of electronic control, system thinking and precision mechanical engineering – attempts to achieve an optimal balance between the mechanical structures, in this case the motor, and its overall control. For instance, the methodology used in the design of the TMC246 stepper motor driver IC eliminates the need for external components and sensors: The motor is the sensor.

Trinamic's motion control solutions are designed for the use in:

  • Industrial automation, robots (lab automation and biotech equipment);
  • Office automation (printers, copiers, scanners, etc.);
  • Consumer electronics (gaming and entertainment, sewing machines);
  • Automotive applications (AFS, air conditioning, fans, motorized locks)

With its highly integrated motion control and driver chips, Trinamic is able to offer a complete solution.

An entire system can be built with an off-the-shelf 8-bit controller connected via an SPI, I²C or parallel interface to Trinamic motion control and driver chips.

For customers looking for low volume solutions, Trinamic also offers complete modules, including hardware and software for specific motor control requirements. The modules combine Trinamic´s dedicated stepper control and driver ICs with extensive experience in designing custom and off-the-shelf motion control solutions. A powerful, yet easy to use programming environment makes stepper control as simple as a few mouse clicks - cutting six months off the time to market compared to chip-level development.

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