Sanyo Denki: Motion Control

SANYO DENKI provides products and technologies to six business areas: medical, industry, information, semi-cap, home and energy.

San Ace and San Motion are the brand names of Cooling Systems products and Motion Control products.

Stepper motor family - SAN Motion

A full range of two, three and five phase stepper motors in the range from 14mm up to 106mm. An encoder could be integrated. A family of drivers and servo systems are also available.

Cooling systems – SAN Ace

SanAce is the family with cooling fans with all kinds of sizes  32mm up to 200mm, supply voltages and velocity. The fans could be used in DC and AC systems. Extra features like splash proof, low noise, oil proof, temperature sensors are optional.


More information about DC and AC catalogues of Sanyo Denki:

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