The history of Euroquartz encompasses 60 years. Euroquartz Limited was formed in 1982, in 1987 acquired Brookes Crystals, a UK manufacturer of quartz crystals formed during World War II. The acquisition of Brookes Crystals established Euroquartz as a significant UK manufacturer of frequency-control products. In 1989 the company moved into its current purpose-built manufacturing and administration building. In 2000 Euroquartz merged business with Webster Electronics and Frequency Products Limited, companies operating in allied and complementary frequency-control product areas. The merger has pooled experience and strengths, positioning the group as leading suppliers in the world-wide market-place. A further new venture has been the formation of Euroquartz Filters, specialising in the design and manufacture of custom electronic filters. Euroquartz Filters enables concentration in the specialist niche market for electronic filters. In 2004 Euroquartz Filters engineering and production was moved from Southampton into the main Crewkerne-based production plant.

Euroquartz deliberately holds a 'broad-based' policy attitude to product range to maximise flexibility, the company has several specialist product areas, particularly in the design and manufacture of custom electronic filters, high reliability oscillators for defence related applications and radiation tolerant oscillators for high-altitude aerospace and space satellite applications.

Product quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of the Euroquartz operation. To ensure these all-important facets of business is maintained in Euroquartz, the company operates a full ISO9001 quality system. Euroquartz is certified to ISO9001 (2000). Full records of manufacturing procedures and traceability are maintained. Regular auditing is carried out by the approval authority.

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