MegiQ creates measuring and test equipment for those who develop wireless applications with focus on circuit and antenna measurements.

MegiQ has Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) with different options for measuring and tuning the device itself. And they have a Radiation Measurement System (RMS) for measuring the spatial radiation properties of the device.



400 – 4000 MHz, full bi-directional 2-Port Vector Network Analyser



400 – 4000 MHz, bi-directional 3-port Vector Network Analyser


VNA Sandbox

Educational tool with many example RF circuits and tutorial



De Luxe Connectivity kit for measuring with UFL and on balanced lines / microstrips



The Radiation Measurement System (RMS) is a unique turnkey system that will measure Radiation Patterns and Total Radiated Power (TRP) from a 3-axis rotation.

The RMS has a smart antenna design to reduce the sensitivity for reflections. This allows radiation measurements to be made in relatively small lab or office spaces.


Datasheet VNA-0440(e)

Measurements VNA Sandbox


Datasheet RMS-0740

Brochure RMS-0740


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